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Since 2018 Imran Home Care Limited has been caring for sick people in their hospitals, homes by offering a full range of health care services. It includes homemaking, personal care, and therapy and nurse service at home. But beyond this support, day-night nursing home care also offers to our clients by considering their miserable condition and character. That’s why we are Bangladesh’s leading nurse service at a home provider for over 4 years.

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Our profession and ability successfully match with the caregiver’s clients, who allowed us to grow into the largest nursing home support in Bangladesh. With over 500 medical staff members and 1000 clients, we ensure your family members receive dignified care and get a familiar face. Therefore home nursing service at Bangladesh brings comfort and support to your all needs at home with the proper customized plan. It will preserve the independence of your loved ones and help them to live better and safer.

We offer a full range of registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, nurse practitioners, and nurses with specialties in pediatrics, palliative care, general nursing care, and elderly care. Our home care limited provides comprehensive nurse service management ranging from pre-surgical, chronic to post-surgical. All nurses in our Imran Homecare Private Limited Company in Bangladesh are experienced in caregivers, ostomy care, and wound care and can answer every question related to the service. We mainly focus on the quality of care for heard-to-heal and complex patients. Our specialized nurse care at home is recognized for its highly effective, expertise, and evidence-based treatments. For this reason, we first visit the home to access the primary patient needs and then start working with the referred physician to develop a specific care plan.

Scope of Nurse Service At Home:

  • Assessment, monitoring, and supervision of patient care for both pre and post-surgical conditions.
  • Assessment and management of caregivers or elderly care.
  • Wound or para-medical management.
  • Medication and pain management.
  • Maintain the patient’s hygienic and cleanness.


The other part of our nursing home service, Dhaka bd, is chronic disease management. Arthritis, diabetics, lung disease, and hypertension are some chronic diseases that can force a senior person to give up their happy life and independence too soon. Different experts have agreed that millions and millions of people are struggling with chronic disease to manage their symptoms every day. Researches also prove that about 80% of adult older have at least one chronic disease, and nearly about 68% older have at least two. It is how chronic disease placing a significant burden on individuals and other health care systems. 


So, to achieve this, our home nursing service in Bangladesh will always assist you in getting proper care and coordinating accordingly by visiting your home. After collecting detailed information, we have several care plans that fit your goals. From the list, you can find the service of what you are looking for right in your preferable community. We offer a variety of services for chronic disease or recovery from illness, hospitalization, and surgery.

Chronic Disease Management:

Our Home Nursing Care services include:

  • Wound care and ostomy care
  • Palliative care
  • Intravenous Care
  • Acute Care post hospitalization
  • Medication set-up and administration
  • Skilled hospice support
  • Escort to Doctor’s appointments
  • Tube feeding assistance
  • Care associated with chronic conditions
  • Chronic disease management
  • Pediatric
  • Mental health
  • Foot Care
  • School health
  • End-of-life care
  • Colostomy care
  • Catheter care
  • Medical communication between Doctor and family

So, if you are looking for a patient care home service bd and a mixture of nursing and attendant services, you can knock us at any time. We will work with our plan and expose your requirement by keeping the complexity of care requirements and, of course, budget. Because trust is the main component, and we are going to achieve this by supporting you, your family, and your caregivers by delivering safe and professional care.

Scope of Nurse Service At Home:

  • In this pandemic, as our clients are the main priority, we also have taken the necessary steps to protect our clients and our attendants by maintaining some habits. Some of COVID-19 procedures and processes are:
    • Everyday Health screening for every client and caregiver visit.
    • A policy of wearing a compulsory mask every time for every client.
    • Keep the attendant’s team small and dedicated to specific tasks or services.
    • Maintain PPE protocol in front of the patients and public health.
    • Make the best practice of washing hands and cleanness, discussions, and fears.
    As an organization, we believe our vigilance and knowledge will help protect the fight against this virus. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out at our nursing homes near me website or call us at +8801719-661366​